Bringing educational theatre directly to your classroom

A truly theatrical experience at the touch of a button


What is Playtime Digital Theatre?

PDT is a new, innovative project for children learning and practising English. We bring participative, musical theatre directly to your classroom via a video streaming platform.   

In addition, we have created teaching resources for each show designed to support your English lessons, bilingual subjects and assessment syllabus.  

The project is not created for remote learning but instead a pupil-centred classroom activity. 

Innovate and enjoy!

Playtime Digital Theatre has so many advantages for your school, your pupils and their well-being!

A cross-curricular theatre project We help you integrate drama into your classroom and provide the resources to do so

Native English-speaking performers with more than 15 years   of teacher training experience

 Music. We’ve composed songs you will love to sing and dance to!

 A cultural offering that provides opportunities for drama, music   and movement in English without having to organise a trip to the   theatre

Created for smaller classes and with social distancing in mind

 Flexible scheduling. The videos are available any day of the   school year and can coincide with special cultural events

 Minimal preparation. Ideal for the ‘busy teacher’. We provide   simple step-by-step instructions and didactic support

 No limit on audience numbers. You can watch one show with as   many pupils as you like.

 Not just theatre. The learning program offers integrated life   skills and cultural awareness.

 Quality. The shows have been professionally recorded using four   cameras in a large theatre and then masterized in a studio.

 Active learning. The preparation videos and shows will get both   teachers and pupils out of their chairs: not only a kinaesthetic   approach to learning but promoting ‘healthy’ choices.