How it works

Choose your show(s) and the week you want to watch it.  You might want to select a special week (Carnival, English Week, Book Week) or simply a convenient time in your school calendar.  We will then send you the link to our digital platform and resources in order to prepare and watch the show! You can continue to use our resource pack activities for as long as you wish. 

Video 1 - Prepare the Show

Video 1 is the preparation video. It consists of 6 short parts which introduce your pupils to:
  • the main characters
  • the participation symbols
  • the key language
  • the songs and dances
We'll send you the Video 1 link 3 weeks before the show giving you plenty of time to prepare. 

Video 2 - The Show

Video 2 is the show and lasts between 35 - 40 minutes.  You can watch the video as many times as you like during the period requested. You can watch Video 2 in your classroom or school theatre. Children will  participate actively responding to the language and singing the songs. 

The Resource Pack

The resource pack works in conjuntion with Videos 1 and 2 providing extra activities, lesson plans, assessment, playscripts and audios. The post-show activities are designed so that you can continue to enjoy resources for as long as you like after the show.