Lives Shows in English

For those schools in the Madrid area, we can also travel to your school to perform our shows live! This option can be combined with the Playtime Digital resources to create a dynamic educational theatre project.

Shows in English

We have 9 different live shows on offer ranging from Infants to Year 6 Primary.

We perform in YOUR SCHOOL
we send pre-show resources
14 years experience working with PUPILS and teachers

Granny & Cat

Granny has a blue cat. She likes doing yoga and has a neighbour called Voudini! One morning, when doing his magic tricks, Voudini accidentally makes Cat disappear. Granny is not happy! Where is her cat? With help from the Magic Bag, she is transported to different countries in search of her cat. On her travels she meets people from different cultures and learns about their music and traditions. But will Granny find her cat?

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo Show will take children on a journey through a deep dark wood to meet the infamous Gruffalo passing a hungry fox, a peckish owl and a starving snake on the way. The story closely follows the synopsis of the story by Julia Donaldson with a few embellishments for good taste! Children will enjoy the catchy  songs written and performed live by the cast and will have fun joining in.

Lenny the Lazy Boy 

Lazy Lenny lives on a farm with his grandma. They are very poor and so Grandma decides that Lenny needs to sell the cow at the market. But Lenny is very lazy and is always thinking of fun and adventures. Granny follows Lenny to market and while Lenny gets easily distracted in the countryside. Granny tries to teach him a lesson.  

Lazy Lenny in the City
****NEW 2022/23****

Granny sends Lenny to the city to find a job. They are poor  (again!) This is a new and daunting experience for Lenny who is not 'city wise'. Lenny works in an ice-cream shop, a hairdresser's and a computer store and discovers that earning money is more difficult than he thinks. 

Peggy the Pig

Peggy is no ordinary pig. She wants to learn how to sing, dance and act....and she certainly doesn't want to become a sausage! So, one day Peggy packs her bags and decides to travel the world in an attempt to learn new skills. Peggy wants to give up and go home. However, her new teachers tell her to persist. Nothing comes to those who don't work hard......especially if you are a pig!

The School Detective

Norman Shufflecrump is the School Detective and he’s brilliant at solving mysteries. With a briefcase of gadgets and the mind of a genius, he can solve any problem, at any school, at any hour. But Norman is a very busy man and sometimes gets confused. He may forget the time and even appear at the wrong school! He will definitely need the help of pupils and teachers to solve the mysteries at your school. Can you help him?

The Worst Job in Town

Many years ago, in the Kingdom of Hamleg, lived a servant called Matilda. She worked in a castle for Prince Gilbert and was very busy all day long. She cleaned, cooked, tidied, sang and tried to keep Prince Gilbert happy. Matilda thought she had the worst job …. until she visited the town!

The Gold Show

 Meet Ernest, a scientist, who has invented a time machine. His assistant, Bianca, is very surprised when he announces that he is going to visit the past. There’s only one problem; the time machine needs gold in order to work. Ernest manages to visit the Californian gold rush, Ancient Egypt and a pirate ship whilst begging, borrowing or stealing gold along the way. Finally, he returns to the science lab to discover that his assistant has plans of her own.

Mr Popular

Max doesn't have many friends at school so one day he makes a master plan - to become Mr Popular! He and his schoolmate, Maybie, devise a way of getting Max noticed. He enters competitions, he goes on TV and on the Internet and even makes a movie! However, as his popularity grows so does his ego - and this brings disastrous consequences.

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