The Resource Pack - creative lessons for busy teachers

We have designed dynamic resource packs to accompany each show which will guide you through the theatrical project. It is tailored for the busy teacher but also supports CLIL subject teachers and theatre enthusiasts! If you are not a drama specialist, there is lots of support and guidance in the teachers' notes.

Classroom Set Up Maps

A visual map which suggests how you can organise the classroom or theatre when watching the videos.

Participation Symbols

Pupils will participate throughout the show following clearly defined symbols which include: shout out the answer, sing and dance, raise your hand to answer the question, and come to the front and act.

Pre-Show Activities

        A word list, vocabulary games, worksheets, and extra activities which supplement Video 1 and help prepare pupils for the main event.

Language & Performance Assessment

There are multiple activities for evaluating pupils' comprehension of the show. Assessment rubrics allow teachers to check childrens’ progress, use of English and acting skills  Pupil self-evaluation sheets are also provided.

Bilingual Content (CLIL)

You will find detailed lesson plans, activities and worksheets for science, music, physical education and arts & crafts which are unique to each show and level appropriate.

Playscripts and Audios

Put on an adapted version of the show with your pupils using our short scripts and step by step rehearsal and staging instructions. Audio files are also provided for the songs.